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Richard Ivey School of Business, The University of Western Ontario

Recognized for excellence both in Canada and worldwide, Ivey is uniquely defined by its outstanding track record for developing leaders and accelerating career success. Ivey has more C-level executives among its graduates than any other Canadian business school, with 2 in 5 alums holding senior management positions in his or her organization. This success stems, in part, from Ivey?s state-of-the-art curriculum, which is designed to prepare grads for career success. With the input of top recruiters, business leaders, and alumni we are constantly innovating the program to ensure that our students will be able to meet the needs and challenges of today?s business world. In addition to providing a solid foundation of business knowledge, Ivey goes one step further to develop and hone leadership abilities through delivery of our Five Leadership Essentials. Every day, students will learn how to embrace complexity, manage volume, maximize team potential, communicate persuasively, and achieve decisiveness through uncertainty. In order to prepare grads for the real-world of business, Ivey uses the interactive case-method approach to immerse students in an action-oriented learning environment. Using real-world cases and real business issues, students become the decision-makers - asked to analyze the data, develop alternatives, make and defend recommendations and experience the outcomes. Students practice business in a risk-free environment, taking part in lively discussions and learning from the contributions of their classmates. The Ivey case method also incorporates our Cross- Enterprise Leadership? (CEL) approach, which prepares leaders to see the bigger picture and to lead initiatives that enhance the whole enterprise - across every functional area and industry. Given that the average young professional will rotate through a number of different industries and job functions in his or her lifetime, having this cross-enterprise perspective gives students the confidence and expertise to make sure they achieve career success in any role. From day one of the Program, students also have the support of our qualified Career Management staff who act as a board of advisors ? providing coaching and access to the resources and tools our grads need to be successful throughout their careers. One of these resources is the prestigious alumni network that is 20,000 strong in over 95 countries. Students will learn the skills they need to leverage their connections in this network in order to build and sustain strong relationships. Ivey alumni can be a source of job opportunities, but they also provide mentoring opportunities, advice and support. There is no business school that prepares you better for career success than Ivey. Learn more about us at

Class Timings

Student Profile:
Female Students: -
International: -
Avg. Work Exp.: --
Avg. Students' Age: -
Avg. GMAT: -
Program Profile:
Accreditations: -
Established Date: -
Start Dates: -
Avg. Programme Duration: -
Avg. Total Tuition Fees (excluding living expenses + books): -
Class in Corporate Governance or Business Ethics: -
Post MBA Employment:
Avg. Base Salary captured for 2010: -
Avg. Bonus captured for 2010: USD
Percentage of students employed within three months in 2010: -
Scholarship Financial Aid:
School-sponsored Scholarship / Financial Aid : -
School-sponsored Scholarships based on: -
Admissions Requirements:
Application Deadline: -
Min. GMAT: -
Min. TOEFL (paper): -
Min. TOEFL (computer): -
Accept IELTS: -
Essay: -
Interview Req. : -
CV References: -
Resume/CV: -
Undergrad or equivalent degree: -
Transcripts: -
Completed Application Form: -
Application Fee: -

Student Profile:
Female Students: 30%
Avg. Work Exp.: 39
Avg. Students' Age: 39
Avg. GMAT: 520
Program Profile:
Accreditations: AACSB
Established Date: 1980
Start Dates: August
Avg. Programme Duration: 17
Avg. Total Tuition Fees (excluding living expenses + books): 63500
Class in Corporate Governance or Business Ethics: Yes
Teaching Methodology: More than 50% Case Method / Less than 50% Lecture based
Post MBA Employment:
Avg. Bonus captured for 2010: -
Percentage of students employed within three months in 2010: -
Scholarship Financial Aid:
School-sponsored Scholarship / Financial Aid : No
School-sponsored Scholarships based on: -
School-sponsored Scholarships based on (other) : -
Admissions Requirements:
Application Deadline: July
Min. GMAT: 500
Min. TOEFL (paper): N/A
Min. TOEFL (computer): N/A
Accept IELTS: No
Min years of work experience: 7
Essay: No
Interview Req. : Yes
CV References: No
Resume/CV: Yes
Undergrad or equivalent degree: Yes
Transcripts: Yes
Completed Application Form: Yes
Application Fee: USD100

♦ Average GMAT Score: 660

♦ % Female Students: 32

♦ % International Student Ratio: 30

♦ Average Salary: 90000

♦ Average Years Work: 4

♦ Accredited by: EQUIS,

♦ Average Programme Duration: 12

♦ School-sponsored Scholarship / Financial Aid ?: Yes

♦ Application Fee: USD150

♦ Minimum GMAT Score required for admission?: Yes

♦ Average Total Tuition Fees (excluding living expenses + books): 88500